Advantages of HEATforming

HEATform leads the industry in application of warm forming or Hot Metal Gas Forming (HMGF) for hollow bodies. Applicable to most metal alloys, unique control over wall thickness has created a dramatic shift in how complex products can be produced. Design freedom can be realized cost effectively by:

  • using standard alloys
  • minimizing waste
  • reducing post machining
  • eliminating assembly time

HEATforms simple, production proven heat forming process is robust and repeatable providing quality at competitive prices.

"Light Hydroforming"

Requiring less than 10% forming force of traditional hydroforming, HEATforming is more cost effective for your products and manufacturing facility. Expansion or forming ratio limits of typical hydroformed parts are no longer a significant design constraint. More economical tools focus on forming parts rather than constraining massive forming pressures. HEATforms ability to control wall thickness optimizes raw material use and final product weight.

Practical Superplastic Forming

Practical Superplastic Forming (SPF) requires exotic alloys, exacting temperature control, and slow, controlled, material flow. The extreme elongation and forming detail possible with SPF comes with high process cost. HEATform provides the forming freedom of super plastic forming with a standard, rapid manufacturing process. Exotic product designs, once exclusive to cost insensitive military applications, are available to all industry segments.

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